Property Maintenance Check List…

How to Safe Guard your Property this Winter.

As the dark nights draw in and temperatures continue to drop, Goldfinch Letting Agent here in South Tyneside would like to help ensure you’re not left in the cold this winter, we suggest working through our property maintenance checklist.

1. Heating
To avoid potential problems with your boiler breaking down, act now by giving your heating system the once over. Simple checks such as making sure the boiler lights properly, is a good place to start. It’s important to also check that it isn’t leaking carbon monoxide. If in doubt, and to be on the safe side, arrange a gas safety inspection to ensure the whole system is working properly.
Alternatively, if you have a feed and expansion tank in the loft, check it’s working by moving the float arm up and down to see that the valve lets in water.
To maximize the heat in your home check that all the radiators around your house are working fully. Ensure they turn on and off and radiate heat effectively. For those of you who love a real fire, ensure fireplaces, wood-burning stoves and chimneys have been cleaned and prepared before use.

2. Insulation
Once you’ve checked that your heating systems are in good working order, the second priority should be to ensure your home is fully insulated. If it’s not heat will escape immediately, which is inefficient and could prove costly in the long run.
Insulation is the best way to ensure your home won’t lose heat. Loft insulation should be at least 270mm thick, a loft insulation expert should be able to assess if your home’s insulation is adequate. Heat can also escape from broken or damaged windows or doors, so repairing those are essential too. Simple additions to your home such as draught-proof covers around the front door letterbox and keyhole can also help keep your home toasty warm during the winter months.

3. Gardens
Gardens are often forgotten about during the winter. However, maintaining both the front and back gardens will help protect your property. Trimming trees and bushes will reduce the risk of branches causing any external damage to your property during windy, harsh weather conditions.
If leaves are left to settle on footpaths, they can cause hazardous slippery surfaces. Raking leaves from your lawn will also help it survive the winter.
Any outdoor furniture or electrical garden equipment should be stored inside a garage or shed to prevent weather damage. If you don’t have any storage space for this then invest in some outdoor furniture covers to see you through to Spring.

4. Exteriors
Weather-proofing the exterior of your property is the first line of defense against winter weather conditions. There are various external things to check and repair immediately to prevent further damage, such as peeling paint (which could cause your home’s surface to swell), broken siding, lose roof tiles, damaged exterior pipes and cracked paving should all be repaired. If in doubt, hire an expert to check and repair any concerns.
Clearing leaves from gutters and ensuring vents are not obstructed are simple and effective ways to maintain your property, power washing siding and windows to prevent a dirty build-up of mud and leaves can help too. Treating outside timber such as fences, decks and sheds will ensure it remains robust. Safety is paramount during dark winter months, so check that exterior lights are working too.

5. Plumbing
No one wants to be without hot water during the winter, but it can happen if you’ve not taken time to maintain your home’s plumbing system. To avoid pipes freezing ensure they are insulated and check there are no blockages. Test out your stopcocks too by turning them on and off to ensure there’s no chance of you being unable to turn the water supply off.
Spending a little time to work through our property maintenance checklist will help safeguard you and your home for a stress-free, safe winter.


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